Anniversary Session- Downtown Indianapolis

Alex & Lex

The sun had played peek-a-boo all session long, but as Alex and Lex settled in on the parking garage wall with the beautiful Indianapolis cityscape behind them, the sun gave us its very best lighting to capture the photo I had been dreaming for them. Backdropped with the city that has given them so much medical training, community, and life experience, we ended their downtown Indianapolis anniversary session with a bang!

It was so fun to commemorate Alex and Lex’s fourth wedding anniversary with this downtown Indianapolis session. Their marriage has not been your average ride! Generous patience, support, and understanding is how I would describe their relationship with each other. If you have never experienced it, it can be hard to imagine, but supporting your significant other through the tedious and unpredictable journey of medical school and residency is no easy task. Alex and Lex, though– they have supported and encouraged each other through the highs and lows of medicine while being at different stages in the process. The dedication they have to both each other and their field of neurology is inspiring. They seem to have mastered the art of living parallel and intertwining professional lives while maintaining a beautiful marriage relationship in their personal lives. Throughout our session, it was so fun to see their moments of laughter while Alex spontaneously swung Lex around in our lift contrasted with their moments of tenderness as I had them snuggle up with each other. It is so evident that they are each others’ person, and I love it so much!

Alex is the most down to earth and inclusive neurologist I have met. Although he is three years ahead of Lex (and my husband Rusty), he is quick to hang out with the lower classes and makes everyone feel welcome. Whether it is his competitive spirit channeled into lifesize Jenga, or his ability to make anyone feel comfortable in conversation, Alex truly brings out the best in those around him.

Lex also has a knack for making people feel comfortable, but through her calming presence which perfectly compliments Alex’s energy. She is a magnetic conversationalist and the most gracious host.  Lex is authentic and compassionate. She tells things like they are and makes sure that everyone around her is taken care of. To know her is to love her– she is contagious joy and smiles.

Alex & Lex,

Thank you so much for trusting my vision with this session. Your willingness to trek around downtown and climb to the top of a parking structure with me was not only appreciated, but so much fun! I love that our paths have crossed and look forward to celebrating many more milestones with you in the future!

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