The Ironic Family Photographer: My Why

The empty wall beckoned to me as I began to imagine the way this living room, this duplex would become our home. The first time I saw it? The day I was picking up the keys! Yes! I had never set foot in the place that would be our home before it was ours. Two years. Two YEARS it had taken me to find our new place. I had done all the research, but only my husband Rusty was available to go on the tour before we signed our lease. “I love it!” was all he needed to say for me to be all in. As I looked at the beige walls and cement floors, I knew my work was cut out for me. Would this be our forever home, no; but would it be our family home for years? Yes! 

Fast forward three years and we are still in our adorable little duplex. The walls are now grey (I sure love those cool hues!), and the cement floors covered in rugs. Our home is cozy and calming, but I have only managed to hang two things up on display– a sign given to me at my bridal shower and a photo of the first day of our marriage, our wedding. While I love all the blankets, pillows, fake plants, and oil diffusers, I STRUGGLE with what to hang on my walls. I have the photos in my mind and want the captured memories, but as the wife and mama behind the camera, it seems almost impossible to complete this project. I have a busy medical resident husband and a nearing one year old daughter that is growing and changing every day!

Which brings us to my why…

The irony is real! I am the PHOTOGRAPHER wife that realized the most recent “wall-worthy” photos I have of just me and the love of my life are from our wedding day. I am the PHOTOGRAPHER mama who takes all the pictures of my family, but has no “proof of mom” photos to cherish. This is why I am so passionate about capturing photos for wives and mamas that show them with the people they care about most! (and don’t worry, I have family photos scheduled for this spring and will get those wall photos for my three-year-old empty wall!)

To all of my clients and future clients: I am cheering for you! For your marriage, for your families, for your relationships! I am here to serve you in the best way I know how: capturing your memories to cherish forever. 

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