Mommy & Me Session: 100 Acres

“I have never gotten a professional picture like that of my son’s smile.” My heart stopped and I had to hold back the sweet tears that were starting to form in my eyes. Peyton snuggled up in his mama Erien’s arms and flashed his radiant smile. The moment. Caught on camera. One that I can only imagine will be cherished forever. Her statement, the highest compliment I could receive as a photographer. The session– one I would happily do again and again. Erien’s joy and love for her kids was incredibly evident during our sweet “Mommy & Me” session at the Virginia Fairbanks 100 Acres Art and Nature Park. 

Erien is a strong and compassionate woman who loves supporting other women and moms. It is obvious in the way she interacts with others that she has a servant’s heart and desire to impact the lives of those around her. She is doing an amazing job! Her blog “All Things Mommie” is the tip of the iceberg that is Erien Dickens. Her authentic care for others and building community is what drew me to her in the first place. While she impacts others through her blog, her relationships with her children are the best evidence of her drive and gracious spirit.


Zion is a talented, well rounded, and beautiful young lady. She lights up when talking about her many activities, like softball and track, that keep her active. Although hitting those pre-teen years, she still really likes her mama “when she’s cool.” (Which I personally think is all the time!) Zion was very helpful with her younger brothers, and it is easy to see that she is developing into a responsible young woman equipped for what life may throw her way. 


The man with the award winning smile! Oh my heart! Cason can turn that brilliant smile on in a moment and on command. He is also a huge Spiderman fan and lit up when we found the theme song to play for his dance time with mom! Cason is one of the best listeners I have ever worked with. He acknowledged every direction I gave him with a sweet nod and that incredible smile!


Peyton’s sweet snuggles with his mama melted my heart. All he wanted to do was be near her, in her arms– his little head resting perfectly on her shoulder. He loves music, and his snuggles turned big grins as Erien and I sang “If You’re Happy and You know It” during their breakout time together. The fun moments we had will be forever memories made. 


Thank you for entrusting me with your amazing children! I have loved getting to know you and your heart. May you continue to inspire women and mommies the way you have inspired me!

  1. Erien Dickens says:

    Thank you so much for getting to know me and my family! Working with you was an amazing experience.

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