Westfield Family Session

The Leckie Family

“Why are you guys talking for so long?” Rowan asked after the session. “Because that is what adults do,” his father Danny quickly responded. I couldn’t help but giggle a little at the honest question of this three year old, but I was so grateful for the family session that turned into a relational conversation with Danny and Carolyn. It’s one of the reasons I love what I do so much– I get to build relationships while serving families with pictures of each season of life! This Westfield Family Session with the Leckies was no exception, and we had a great time playing red light/green light, eating M&Ms, snuggling, tickling, and playing with toy busses. 

Danny and Carolyn are a phenomenal parenting team! They came prepared with bribing snacks, favorite toys, and great attitudes. Throughout the entire session, they remained calm, cool, and collected. Sessions with littles are always filled with lots of energy and personality. Carolyn and Danny were intuitively aware of their boys’ cues and met their needs seamlessly. They didn’t even miss a beat when taking over for each other while we were doing mini breakouts of photos. I especially loved taking photos of just the two of them. (While the boys were contently eating snacks in the stroller) Danny and Carolyn’s interactions with each other show that the fire is still growing in their marriage relationship, and their love for each other has deepened in parenthood. Goodness, I love it so much!

Rowan was the fastest red light/green light player I’ve ever had. He displayed such joy during snuggles with Carolyn and grinned wide during his turn in photos with Danny. M&Ms and independence were the best currency for this growing boy, and I loved the energy he brought to every picture. He was a great sport!

Knox loves his toy bus and kangaroo. I was so glad that he had them during the session! He sweetly snuggled his bus in photos with Carolyn, and I love that I was able to capture it in this season for him. His little giggles with his mama and his belly laughs when spinning with his daddy had me grinning behind the camera. It is so obvious that he loves his parents!

Danny & Carolyn,

Thank you so much for sharing your family with me! I am inspired by your loving marriage and your co-parenting. Your boys are amazing and you are doing an incredible job raising these young men. I loved getting to know you both better, and I look forward to what I hope is many years of friendship!

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