Elm Street Green Maternity Session

“Is it ok if I bring our bubble machine as a last resort for my son to open up?” My answer will always be yes! Kaitlin is the most prepared mama I have ever met and her preparation for this session was no exception. Even with the tips and tricks I have up my sleeve, I love when my parents anticipate ways to help their kids during our time together. As I walked up to this Elm Street Green maternity session, I knew it was going to be great! Joe and Kaitlin had prepared so well, and the entire family was dressed to impress!

We actually never had to pull out the bubble machine! It turns out that playing peek-a-boo with a three foot stick behind my back was funny enough to grab the attention and giggles of Joe and Kaitlin’s sweet boy, Jack. He loved being in nature and was super content with exploring near us as I captured some sweet pictures of his mom and dad in celebration of Baby #2 who will be arriving so soon! 

A few things I learned about the Horan family during this session:

  1. Joe is an amazing sport! While he doesn’t love being in front of the camera for long, he is phenomenal at following posing directions and has a contagious smile that transfers to his family.
  2. Kaitlin is an incredible wife and mother! The way she and Joe light up when they look at each other is a testament to their marriage relationship. As a mama, she balances grace and discipline with her son in a way that I aspire to emulate. 
  3. Jack loves his parents and is curious about nature. It was so fun to watch his excitement in finding large sticks and carrying them around. You can tell that his imagination and creativity are fostered well at home!

Kaitlin and Joe,

I am so inspired by your loving relationship with each other and your son. Baby #2 is incredibly blessed to have you as parents. I cannot wait to capture each milestone for your family and little one over the next year! Thank you for including me in the precious moments of your sweet family’s life.

  1. Kaitlin says:

    So sweet! We are so excited to have you on this journey with us, capturing sweet milestones!!

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